How to care your baby?

Newborns need special attention.

They need a level of science and knowledge. The world of children, which we consider to be small for the age of the child, is in fact a great world. Once a baby is born, it can be felt in all its aspects.
The first one needs a lot of help, one of the women who face a lot in raising her child and how to care for him. The mother who gave birth has of course had sufficient experience of what the child needs and there is no objection to knowledge for both of them as studies are developing day by day with regard to children Modern .
There is a set of rules and basic rules that do not change in how to care for the newborn child, and is no longer interested only in the hospital or by the specialist doctor, but it is to be widespread and widely through the dissemination of cultures between peoples, and transfer of experiences of mothers through the Internet as well as
The statements of doctors and child care professionals, these are the basics in how to care.


Breast feeding in the first six months of the child is the only source of food that increases its immunity and increases its connection to his mother and feels safe and tender. The mother begins to breastfeed immediately after birth, Colostrum, which is completely different in its components from milk after the first week of birth, and studies have shown that it contains an infinite amount of elements and minerals and vitamins needed by the child, and after this age begins the introduction of food and meals with breastfeeding on the life of Baby.

Personal hygiene:

The child needs to take care of his cleanliness and change the maintenance every two hours almost to keep his skin dry, so as to avoid any blisters or redness, and the child needs to shower on a daily basis in the first period of birth, especially if he was born in the summer, and bathing has several rules to follow

  • Preparation of all the requirements for children such as bathtub, preferably to be suitable for the comfort of mother and child.
  • Prepare cotton underwear and clean.
  • Preparation of external refills.
  • Light and temperature glove according to the temperature of the air.
  • Prepare shampoo, soap and caliper for the child.
  • Preparation of the towel, and all these materials must be within reach of the mother before the start of bathing, so as to protect it from any sudden air current, and the process of bathing must be very fast.

Organizing the child’s sleep:

In the first weeks of the baby’s birth, his sleep is irregular.He sleeps for long periods during the day and intermittently during the night. This situation continues for months, and the child needs to regulate the sleep process and calm him to be the long hours of sleep during the night and intermittent during the day.
Because most children sleep long after bathing and you also have sufficient time to sleep during the night, then fed a full meal of milk, and sleep in a very dim light.
In the first few months, the child knows nothing but breastfeeding, and can not distinguish between anyone but he can distinguish between the presence of someone around him, and does not need any games or models that attract attention, all he needs is his mother beside him whenever he wishes, the mother should not return the child To see her always during the period of bed to avoid things that are difficult to control later, such as the lack of sleep of the child only to the mother, and do not forget dear mother that your baby needs the sun and light air light in the first days of his life.

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