Baby Feeding

The mother’s milk is the ultimate dining main meal for babies, the World Health Organization has recommended the need not to feed the child anything but milk up to the age of six months, while it can be fed some soft foods easy chewing after this age according to specific indicators we will mention with some brevity in this article, while our main theme is feeding the baby from day one to two years old.

How to feed a baby One to six months

We must feed the child breast milk only, or safe alternatives note that mother’s milk is best for children and mothers together, it should be noted that some mothers find clear desire of the child to eat normal age four months, in this case, the preparation of some simple foods and fruits, mashed potatoes, boiled training there three times with the need to focus on safe indicators on the susceptibility of the child to begin to mashed foods, these indicators can be limited as follows:

  • Ability to reject food and close mouth.
  • Ability to sit moderately with head and neck control.
  • Try to pick up food that others eat.

Seven to nine months of age

mother should continue to feed the baby, feed him with the fruit, start by trying to give him the water instead of the pepper.The baby’s food will gradually shift from the mashed foods to the dish, especially when some teeth and teeth help chewing.

Forty months to a year

Child begins to eat himself using plastic spoon and it is special dish, especially that it is able to sit alone, and useful foods that can be given to him rice, cheese, and if the mother wanted to sleep to provide him with food tools adults.

A year to a year and a half child begins to express hunger, thirst, and satiety, and can eat the child without sitting on the chair, and foods that can be served meat, eggs and yogurt. The introduction of a new food requires control of allergy, vomiting and diarrhea, and the need to avoid foods that cause suffocation with nuts, potatoes, and other foods, Popcorn, raisins, and dry grains

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