How do I sleep my baby?

Care for the new baby is often an enjoyable and unique experience for the mother, but it is also accompanied by deprivation of sleep. In fact, new children cannot sleep all night, so the mother cannot sleep either, but the good thing is that the baby can develop the ability to sleep regularly during the third month to the sixth month of age, and will be able to continue to sleep deep until dawn, the child’s brain begins to grow and mature during these first months of age, his sleep pattern, and can help the child through the steps play the following table:


Attention to signs appear on your baby is tired, baby will make you feel that he needs to sleep through some signs that indicate this, such as: rubbing the eyes, yawning, looking away from you, and restlessness, so do not wait for the child to become very tired to put him in bed , It will make your task difficult, and will make it difficult for him to sleep and continue to sleep deeply, so be aware of these signs from the outset to facilitate this task.

Baby periods of sleep

They must be of good luck to start your baby on that night is the sleep time, and day is time to play and have fun, during the day keep your baby active him often, awake after meals, when the arrival of night eat baby in a dark room, reduce activities in that period, try to keep quiet, and that is be able to distinguish between the main

Separate between the two cases eat and sleep

After the first month, the baby claims to sleep when feeding or shaking him, because you want to learn Tom alone without outside help. Baby may eat little food and feel drowsy, and then eat more in a few more times. Of food, you have to put him in bed and let him continue to sleep, and must be careful not to put the breastfeeding in the child’s mouth and leave him alone so as not suffocate

Do not wake your baby to eat

As after the age of 2 months if  baby is gaining weight naturally, if no need to awaken the child to eat during the night after the age of two months, but leave the dine during the Serial No. so get used to sleep at night regularly, but if baby sleeps a lot during the day and forgets his meals, do not leave him go for more than four hours without food, forced perhaps to wake your device during the night, but it is better that you work to change their habits.


We must always remember that your expectations are reasonable, during the first months of a babies life my expectation that the baby sleep disturbed, and sporadic, try the growing when the Sleeping  baby to you also on sufficient sleep.

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