The last months of pregnancy symptoms

The increase of weight and the large size of the uterus in the last months of pregnancy.

The constant feeling of fatigue and lack of freedom of movement.

The weight of the movement as a result of the increasing weight of the large size of the uterus. You can overcome this small meals spread throughout the day and hiking to restore body vitality as well as to the exercise of hiking in the last months of pregnancy helps Descending fetal head inside the pelvis, which facilitates the process of birth.

Lower back pain:

Flatulence gives a load on the back muscles. In addition, the secretion of the thyroid hormone in the last months of pregnancy causes relaxation in the back ligaments. These ligaments support your back and maintain its integrity. When the ligaments relax, . To reduce this pain, use warm water compresses. You can put an extra cushion down your back when you sleep on your back or between your legs when you sleep on one side, which reduces pain during sleep.

Acidity and Supra esophageal:

suffer almost 50% of the pregnant women from this problem, because pregnancy hormones become loose muscles located in the CRATER of the stomach, which prevents the stomach acids from flashback up toward the esophagus, causing a feeling of acidity is disturbing. You know the list of functions of the carrier in the third chapter of pregnancy

Tips in the last months of pregnancy:

Avoid eating foods and drinks causing help meet mine hardened vehicle containing spices, citrus fruit, fries, fatty foods and coffee.
The last months of pregnancy

Try dividing the main meals to light snacks during this stage.
To fill the stomach more acid reflex so the two sections of the main meals to three small meals and light snacks such as fruits or vegetables between meals.
Eat in a moderate position.
Avoid eating while lying down or sleeping.

Do not panic from uterine contractions:

contractions are not painful and lasts less than 30 seconds, starting since the second third of the pregnancy and continue until the end. These contractions help to prepare the muscles of the womb for birth. You can distinguish these contractions of labor pains being sporadic and recurrent fixed rates and cause severe pain.

Do not be surprised by the increased urination rate:
As a result of pressure on the head of the fetus on the bladder less capacity and the need to urinate.

Fetal movement

in contrast to the stage of the second third of the pregnancy during the last months of pregnancy rate of fetal movement, growing in size compared to the surrounding space. Usually the number of fetal movements 7.10 per day. If you feel that your child is not moving in the usual way, you can take a cup of cold water or some candy, which stimulates the fetal movement. Consult your doctor if it continues.

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