Stages of infant development

The first month:

Is marked by the beginning of this month with a decrease in the weight of the child after the birth of a week and soon after the weight of the increase after the first week, and gradually: the weight increases an average of 750 grams, vary between baby and another between the increase and decrease, The infant spends most of the first and second weeks of his or her birth in the case of sleeping most of the day.

At the end of the month, the period of sleep begins to decrease until it reaches a rate of fifteen hours per day. As for the child’s response and interaction with the surrounding environment, it develops weekly.

First half of the month:

Baby’s communication mechanism is limited to crying only, and the communication mechanism quickly develops. The infant’s response varies according to the effect, either by shouting, silence or crying, In which the infant and the nature of the reaction.

Second month:

The baby’s development in this month is no more than a few changes, such as the appearance of a smile on his face and the increased sensitivity to light, so that he can focus on vision at a distance of no more than 20 cm.

The third month:

Begins this month with the appearance of clear features and expressions on the face of the infant  as a response or expression of the state in which it is, as the sleep system begins to take a certain pattern; by dividing the hours of sleep intermittently during the day and continuously during the night, Hours, as well as faces become more familiar to the baby.

The fourth month:

The child begins to show the ability to laugh aloud, and he has the ability to sit  based on a pillar, and his ability to visual perception begins as he begins to distinguish between colors.

The fifth month:

This baby begins to respond to familiar sounds like his name. His movement begins to take up more space than before. He starts with hands-on attempts and raises the head when lying on his or her abdomen. Month 6 The infant’s reaction begins to manifest clearly as anger situations on a particular situation; the vision takes on completion; so he has the ability to know his unusual faces, and to take his own reaction towards him either by laughing or crying.

The seventh month:

Develops the ability of the infant to move clearly, where he begins crawling and appetite and try to stand up, as well as his ability to locate and capture his own games.

The eighth month and the twelfth month:

The child’s skills during these months begin to develop. This is mentioned in the seventh month. He can walk for some steps, distinguish his games from each other, and understand some words that require response.

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