Natural things for newborns

Strange appearance for baby

The things the baby needs from the mother care and care. The baby needs care and care for its growth and prosperity. Not feeding it and not changing its diapers regularly can lead to his death. Having at least one person in the child’s life to provide them with the necessary attention and care leads to their best potential.

Breathing movement for newborns

The baby’s appearance is strange immediately after birth; his head is large, and his skin is scaly, and his skin may appear wrinkled, as it is normal that the body of the newborn baby a lot of hair, especially on the back, shoulders, ears, and forehead, so that the hair falls within weeks after birth And sometimes lasts longer; the birth process itself can be the reason for this, so that the child is in a state of pressure during passing through the birth canal, in addition to being in the fluid of the uterus for a few months.

Play and movement for newborns

Play is an essential way for a child to learn self-control and social skills, so that the infant is ready to play from birth, and the infant loves to be in an interactive social environment.It develops response, enhances practical intelligence, and nurtures social intelligence.

Tips to keep your baby safe There are some tips parents should consider to keep your baby safe:

Dispose of small pieces that can suffocate the child. Not feeding the baby cut large carrots, unpeeled apples, nuts, and other foods that may pose a choking hazard. Not to let the baby feed from the milk bottle without supervision for fear of suffocation.

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