Take care of newborn baby?

When the child is born, he is covered with a white fatty substance that fills his body. The importance of this substance lies in protecting the child’s body from germs and microbes. Therefore, it is not recommended to make a bath for the child during the first two days for the survival of this substance but if there is a need for bathing, there is no harm.

Some of the ancient mistakes that were common before the development of science, such as  the use of water and salt in the bath of the child  as the salt may cause inflammation of the wounds and scratches that may be on the surface of the skin of the child, which may lead to tetanus, it was believed that the bathroom with water and salt Sterilizes the baby’s body, as well To work on a survey Alantinaat that are in the child’s skin mother because she had neglected Sasebha mold and the accumulation of bacteria and viruses that cause diseases.

  • The mother should avoid the use of kohl in the eye. It has been found to contain toxic lead that may seep into the child’s body through the eye, which may lead to poisoning.
  • The mother must not forget that her newborn child has no immune system that protects him from pathogens that may Lead to serious illness, even if these causes are simple. The mother should choose the comfortable cotton clothes so that the child can move easily, and some children relax when they are tied to the laces.
  • The mother’s first milk is called gum. It is a substance rich in antibodies to diseases that protect the child’s body from diseases. It is often recommended to rely on breast feeding alone during the first six months and then to introduce solid food gradually.
  • If the mother had to leave breastfeeding and resort to artificial feeding, she should choose the appropriate bottles for the baby. She should provide more than one bottle. She should also keep her clean; it could cause the germs to move to the baby’s stomach. She should choose the right milk for her baby. . Keeping the baby’s sole clean until it falls alone, you should clean it with alcohol and cotton to protect against viruses. Maintain the cut and trim of the child’s nails so as not to scratch itself, as the nails may collect dirt and bacteria under it.

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